Can Hearing Loss Be Cured?

Can Hearing Loss Be Cured?
Carli Van Harken

Untreated hearing loss is a serious condition that cannot be cured, currently. However, it can be treated and improved using modern technology like hearing aids. Currently, the United States has 6 million people who are dealing with hearing loss. Untreated hearing loss is a serious problem in the U.S., especially since the condition can’t be cured, so people are going to struggle with it if they don’t get treatment.

Understanding Hearing Loss

There are three different types of hearing deficiencies. These include sensorineural hearing loss, conductive hearing loss, and a type that is mixed.

When it comes to sensorineural hearing loss, this is the most common version. This happens when the nerves in the inner ear experience damage and essentially stop sending sound signals to your brain. So, in this version, the audio waves are making it into your ear, but there’s something like a short circuit there, and you’re not actually getting the signal in your brain to process it.

This type of hearing problem is caused by the hair cells inside your inner ear withering because of a medication you’re taking, damage due to loud noises or just age. If the hair cells that are responsible for vibrating in accordance with sound takes on cell damage, then that’s often going to indicate a permanent problem where you just can’t hear naturally anymore.

Another type of hearing problem is called conductive hearing loss. This occurs due to something getting in the way in the outer ear canal or in the middle ear. Instead of being a brain communication problem, like when it comes to sensorineural hearing problems, this is just a matter of the sound not getting there in the first place.

Treating Hearing Loss

Treating the condition comes down to first looking for a doctor and then getting a hearing test. At this point, you need to get a solution that will help you be able to hear again, even if you can’t really do so using your natural abilities. Instead, the key will be to get hearing loss treatment through the fitting of a hearing aid.

Hearing Solutions

The solution to hearing problems is to get fitted for a hearing aid. In general, you have a few different options here. You can use a hearing aid with a rechargeable battery, or you can use one that has disposable batteries. In the past, people have preferred batteries since you had to recharge the ones with a rechargeable battery more than once a day.

Recently, however, this has changed, and you can now get an aid that has more lithium-ion batteries that can last all day. This means that all you have to do is charge the battery overnight and you will be set to wear it for the entire next day. This is why many people have made the change over from disposable batteries to more of a rechargeable solution.

Benefits of Treating Hearing Issues

You’d be surprised just how much your life can improve due to getting hearing loss treatment. This includes benefits like emotional or financial. The financial benefits include that those who can hear usually make more money than those who can’t hear as well.

This is likely due to being better able to communicate and being more interactive and happier. Social benefits include that you can communicate better since you can hear what other people are saying, for example. You also tend to be able to stay in touch with other people more easily and feel more like you’re a part of life.

In general, handling hearing problems is a key part of being successful and productive. Even though there’s often no cure, the treatment can handle the problem just fine and tends to have a highly positive effect on how you feel and what you do on a day to day basis. Overall, you would be surprised just how much such a simple thing as getting hearing aids can help in terms of your overall outlook.

Comprehensive Ear and Hearing

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