A New App Helps People with Hearing Loss Travel

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? For many people with hearing loss, where you want to go often doesn’t aligned with where you feel you can go. Managing a disability, especially an invisible issue like hearing loss can make travelling somewhere unfamiliar become a daunting prospect rather than an exciting adventure. Now, a new app is trying … Read More

Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Hearing Aids

Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Hearing Aids

What’s your favorite summer sound? Is it the chirp of crickets, 4th of July fireworks, thunderstorms, boats on the water, a bonfire crackling at an outdoor party, or waves crashing on the beach? Summer is a sweet time of year for the senses, a time to live in the present and enjoy the simple things. If you have hearing loss, … Read More

Tips for Traveling with Hearing Loss


Summer holidays means vacationing with the family. Whether taking a road trip with your grandkids or flying across the country to catch up with some old friends, you have a great summer planned. Have you stopped to think about your hearing? You wear hearing aids, but managing your hearing loss might pose a few more challenges on holiday than at … Read More