Tips for Traveling with Hearing Loss


Summer holidays means vacationing with the family. Whether taking a road trip with your grandkids or flying across the country to catch up with some old friends, you have a great summer planned. Have you stopped to think about your hearing? You wear hearing aids, but managing your hearing loss might pose a few more challenges on holiday than at … Read More

All About Tinnitus: Part 2 – Consequences and Treatment


Previously, we discussed the prevalence of tinnitus, the different types, and possible causes. In this second part in our series on tinnitus, we explore the relationship it has to hearing loss, the consequences of untreated tinnitus, and the various treatments available. Tinnitus is commonly linked to hearing loss – in fact, it appears in 80% to 90% of hearing loss … Read More

All About Tinnitus, Part 1: Types & Causes


Tinnitus is known commonly as a ringing of the ears – though the sound may appear as a buzz, whistle, roar, crackling, whoosh of air, or in rare cases, music. Tinnitus is a condition in which a person hears a sound that is not caused by an external stimulus. Rather, it is a sound that comes from within. Tinnitus may … Read More

3 Things to Consider When Selecting Hearing Aids


As you begin your journey to better hearing health, you may feel overwhelmed with the number of options available on the market. Given the advancements in hearing aid technology, there is a lot of information to sort through and features to consider. Here at Comprehensive Ear and Hearing, our specialists work with you to find the best options to meet … Read More

What to Expect at a Hearing Test


First things first: congratulations! A hearing test is the first step to better hearing health. In the US, people wait an average of seven years from the time they first notice changes in their hearing to the time they decide to take a hearing test. Hearing specialists recommend that people over the age of 50 take an annual hearing test, … Read More

Talking to a Loved One About Hearing Loss


As the third most common medical condition in the United States, hearing loss affects approximately 48 million Americans. Though hearing loss may occur to anyone at any age, it is commonly found among people age 65 and older. One third of people between age 65 and 74 experience hearing loss, while that number rises to 50% of people age 75 … Read More

Identifying the Signs of Hearing Loss


Did you know that hearing loss is the third most common medical condition in the United States? It affects approximately 20% of the population. In older populations, age 65 and older, one in three people experience hearing loss. This number rises to 50% for people age 75 or older. With these statistics, the reality is, most of us know someone … Read More