When should I update my hearing aids?

When Should I Update My Hearing Aids

Technological and lifestyle changes as well as wear and tear on your hearing aids can dictate when you need to update. It certainly isn’t going to hurt giving Comprehensive Ear and Hearing a call and asking, “what’s new?”

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you are thinking about whether it’s time to update your hearing aids. And, if its repair or cleaning – we can help with that, too.

Are the hearing aids you have now doing the job?

Hearing aids age and wear out. The “shelf life” for most hearing aids is between three and seven years – although some last for less time and some last longer. It depends on how they are constructed and how well they are maintained. Hearing aids are exposed to the elements just like your body. There’s dust, dirt, humidity and if they are in the ear canal – moisture and ear wax.

Have you noticed that your hearing is compromised? Perhaps you are having battery and charging issues?

As you age, your hearing does continue to degenerate. If you aren’t getting “like new” performance from your hearing aids you need to call about getting different hearing devices. Your hearing and your hearing aids can be tested together to make sure you are getting the most out of the model you have or if you need a new model.

Changes in your life?

Do you have a new occupation or has your job changed? Perhaps your new job involves more meetings and conference calls. Are you going to more conferences? Have you taken up a new hobby like attending the theater more or going to orchestra performances? Have you gotten married or moved in with the family? Have you moved in to a group home and there’s lots of conversation and socializing? Maybe you are having more contact with a grandchild and can’t adjust to the timbre of their voice. Changes in your life situation may mean you need to change your hearing devices.

How about other changes?

Maybe you are swimming more because you’ve moved into a senior living complex and you’ve discovered it’s a great form of exercise. Perhaps you need a different model hearing aid. Do you have new electronic devices and you are thinking you want Bluetooth capacity or streaming capacity? Maybe  you just want a style or color change – and don’t think that’s frivolous, if it gives you a boost and helps with your life outlook – go for it!

Modern technology is awesome

If it’s been more than three years since you’ve looked at a different model – you are in for a treat! New technology allows streaming to all electronic devices from your phone to your iPad. If you’ve been wanting to FaceTime with family or friends and haven’t been able to – there are hearing aids that will let you do that interactively with great sound quality. The new models have GPS capacity. If you must keep adjusting your settings for certain areas – you can now just tap on your phone, adjust with an app and your hearing aid will “remember” what the changes were the next time you go to that location!
There are new microphones and new processors which help filter out background sound and hone in on conversations and help you get the full range of sound in an area without having to turn your head.

There are new, more comfortable models for inside the ear that don’t require personal fitting and then resizing. There are hearing aids that have “find my hearing aid” apps for your phone so you will never misplace them. The new digital models don’t have batteries and they just go right on a charger at night and turn on as soon as you take them off the charger. There are even portable chargers that hold a charge, so they don’t need to be plugged in to charge your hearing aids. There are special models for musicians and to help you enjoy music – there are also more assisted listening accessories!

If you have tinnitus, ringing or roaring in your ears, there are hearing aid models that have built in therapy and different options on phone apps to help you. Many of the models have interactive help lines as well as automatic updates without you even having to come to the office!

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