Things to Consider When Buying New Hearing Aids

Things to Consider When Buying New Hearing Aids

Whether you are new to hearing aids or you are an experienced wearer, buying new hearing aids right now is an exciting time. Technological advances in hearing technology has given us an array of styles and features, providing a natural and seamless listening experience whatever your hearing abilities.

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to buying new hearing aids is that you need to have an up-to-date hearing test in order to measure your abilities and find the best fit for your needs. While there are a lot of options online for “testing” yourself or buying devices, keep in mind that hearing loss is a medical condition that requires professional expertise for optimal treatment. In the same way you wouldn’t self-diagnose your eyes for a pair of glasses, hearing aids require a comprehensive test and professional fitting in order to get the most out of the devices.

Here are a few things to consider when buying new hearing aids.

Your Hearing Abilities

If you are new to hearing aids: You may have seen a lot of news online about over-the-counter hearing aids and self-tests that can gauge your hearing abilities online. At Comprehensive Ear and Hearing, we believe it is important to get a professional hearing test in order to 1) get accurate measurements of your hearing abilities and 2) find the best fit for your hearing loss, if one is detected. Visit us at Comprehensive Ear and Hearing for a thorough hearing exam, which also includes a physical examination of your ears and a battery of hearing tests to accurately gauge your hearing abilities. If a hearing loss is detected, our tests will inform you of the type, configuration, and degree of your hearing loss – something you can’t get online.

If you believe your hearing abilities have changed: As a veteran wearer of hearing aids, you are well aware of the ways in which hearing aids have reconnected you to the sounds of your life. If you find that you hearing aids are no longer functioning properly, and none of the maintenance and repairs fix your devices, then it may be time for a new hearing test. Visit us at Comprehensive Ear and Hearing for an updated hearing exam. If your hearing abilities have changed, we’ll work with you to find the best hearing aid option to accommodate your current hearing needs.

Your Job

Did you know that 60% of the American workforce experiences some degree of hearing loss? If you believe that you have a hearing loss, or if you hearing aids no longer function properly, it is important to your career to get fitted for new hearing aids. Studies have shown that people with untreated hearing loss actually have lower earning power than colleagues with normal hearing and colleagues who treat their hearing loss with the use of hearing aids.

Our team at Comprehensive Ear and Hearing will work with you to find the best solution to meet your hearing needs – and that includes your hearing needs on the job. We have hearing aids with wireless connectivity that link up to smartphones and other electronics, so that you can stream phone calls directly to your ears. Assistive listening devices that connect wirelessly with your hearing aids also help in noisy environments or spaces with difficult acoustics. These devices all help you perform better on the job.

Your Lifestyle Needs

At Comprehensive Ear and Hearing, we believe that hearing aids have the power to reconnect you to the sounds in your world. With many different advanced hearing aid features, there are options for every lifestyle. Active, outdoorsy people will appreciate hearing aids with high IP ratings, which repel moisture and dust, ensuring that your aids will be protected from the elements. Noise cancellation settings and speech recognition features are great for people with busy social lives. Ask our team about features that will fit into your life.

Your Tech Needs

Hearing aids have a shelf life of five to seven years. In the past five to seven years, hearing aid technology has undergone a renaissance. The current models available on the market are smarter, faster, and sleeker than ever before. If you find that your current pair of hearing aids no longer function as well as they once did, visit us for a hearing test and upgrade your devices.

You may also want to upgrade your devices because new technologies provide more advanced features and an overall better listening experience. Check out our product page to learn more about the newest hearing aid models and the new technology they offer.

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