When to Take a Hearing Test

Cute girl with her mother during install hearing aid by her audiologist. Hearing treatment for a child

Some of us can’t avoid the fact that we need a hearing test. It might be more than clear that people must work hard to understand what’s being said or what’s happening worldwide. But some people, especially those in the early stages of hearing loss, might have problems they don’t even know about. Our minds and bodies are very good at adapting to what’s happening around them. Psychologists sometimes call this process “satisficing,” which means doing what we have.


Even though the situation may not be ideal, we can make do with what we have and adapt to a situation that meets the most basic standards of being acceptable. This can happen consciously or unconsciously regarding how well we hear. People with hearing problems often try to fit into conversations without hearing anything, nod, smile, or act like they know what is happening. This is how they find a way to get through a situation. Others might have to read lips, move closer to a speaker, or look for clues in the situation to figure out what is going on.


Even if you think you are doing fine with your hearing or hearing loss, research shows that not getting it treated can harm your health and well-being. Even though you might think it’s okay to tune out of conversations occasionally, it can significantly affect your mental, emotional, and even physical health. If you catch the early signs of hearing loss, you can improve your health and communication before things worsen.


Here are a few easy ways to tell if someone has hearing loss.


You have trouble keeping up with conversations.


Most of the time, you can tell if you need a hearing test by how well you can carry on a conversation. Everyone has times when they can’t hear what’s being said in a conversation, but the more often this happens, the more likely it is that you need a hearing test.


Even though your family can help you communicate better even if you have hearing loss, the best thing to do is to get your hearing checked and get help. If you ask people to repeat themselves more often than others in a conversation, that could signal you have trouble hearing. Other signs in a conversation are forgetting things or not hearing someone ask a question from another room in the house.


Signs of hearing loss when you’re out


People can see how hard it is for you to hear at social events. When you go to a restaurant or other place where many people are talking at once, it can be hard to understand what people are saying.


If you find yourself getting bored and feeling like you can’t keep up in these situations, it could be because you have trouble hearing. You might also suddenly be nervous about attending social events and hesitate to join in. If you feel alone, it could be because your hearing loss makes it hard for you to get along with others.


Signs of hearing loss at home


Everyday life is full of other signs of hearing loss. If your TV is often turned up very loudly and your friends or family tell you that they can’t hear it, you might turn it up because you have trouble hearing. Having trouble on the phone is another problem for people who have trouble hearing. Not only could you miss the ringer, but you could also have trouble hearing calls and miss important information.


How to get help


If you’ve noticed any of these early signs of hearing loss, you should immediately make an appointment for a hearing test. The test is short, simple, and doesn’t hurt. Once you get the results of your exam, we’ll be able to give you suggestions for hearing aids that fit your lifestyle and hearing needs.


With help, you might find that many of these problems in conversation, social situations, and daily life get much better. Contact us right away to find out more.