About Comprehensive Ear & Hearing

"I didn’t realize all that I was missing at home and work. When I received my hearing aids, the world opened up!"

-D. Artibe

"Since Del has gotten hearing aids, his wife, family, and friends enjoy communicating with him again."

- S. Westenbroek

"I knew I was hearing less than I should have been. After my first visit and the thorough testing and explanation I received, I was convinced I needed help. The range of options they presented me with was helpful both technically and financially. Have had my new "ears" for about two years now. My life changed. And CE&H has provided exemplary follow up service at both regularly scheduled visits and whenever I had questions or concerns. I'd give them SIX stars if I could."

-J. B. Holland, MI

"Over the years, Comprehensive Ear & Hearing has given me a new lease on life. With much-improved hearing, the old feelings of depression have left, and I'm so thankful to be included in everything again." 

-G. V. West Olive, MI