Oticon Hearing Aids

Founded in 1904, Oticon is a Danish manufacturer of hearing aids. Driven by their mission, “People first,” Oticon has become a leader in research and innovation in their 100+ years of experience. Partnered with the Ericksholm Research Institute, Oticon designs top-of-the-line hearing aids with cutting edge technology. Oticon is best known for their BrainHearing Technology, which supports the brain in the hearing process.

Velox Processing Platform

Velox is an ultra-fast and precise processing platform with a 64-band frequency resolution. Oticon hearing aids equipped with Velox gives wearers 20% reduction in listening effort in noisy environments and 20% more capacity to remember in challenging noise situations. Velox’s open sound solution provides wearers with 30% better speech understanding and clarity in noise, compared to previous models of Oticon hearing aids.

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are designed with features to accommodate the many different aspects of hearing loss. Depending on the configuration of your hearing loss, your hearing specialist will recommend hearing aids with features to address your specific hearing needs.

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OPN – Open Sound Solution

OPN, pronounced “open,” is Oticon’s newest hearing aid. Powered by the Velox Platform, OPN gives wearers a more sophisticated listening experience with less effort. OPN includes elements of BrainHearing Technology, while also giving wearers the full soundscape in their environment. Unlike traditional hearing aids, OPN’s open sound solution empowers wearers to choose the sounds they want to hear in their environment. This provides wearers with a more natural listening experience, without sacrificing quality.

OPN’s features include OpenSound Navigator Environmental Analyzer, which scans the full 360 degrees of the wearer’s current listening environment 100 times a second. It allows for background noise to help situate wearers within their environment. TwinLink Technology provides OPN with two wireless communication systems in one. The first uses near-field magnetic communication (NFMI) to simulate natural binaural hearing with ear-to-ear communication between the two hearing aids. The second wireless system allows OPN wearers to connect to their smartphones through Bluetooth, allowing them to directly stream phone calls, music, and other media to their hearing aids.

Through the web service If This Then That (IFTTT.com), OPN is the first hearing aid that connects to the Internet. OPN recognizes sounds catalogued on the site, such as doorbells, baby monitors, alarms, thermostats, security systems, etc.

OPN is available in a discreet mini receiver-in-the-ear style.

BrainHearing Technology

BrainHearing Technology is one of Oticon’s greatest innovations. With the understanding that hearing happens in the brain, BrainHearing Technology steps in to fill the gaps in hearing caused by hearing loss. BrainHearing Technology is comprised of four features to enhancing the listening process in Oticon hearing aids:

1. Speech Guard E protects speech clarity and details for you to easily understand what is being said – even in noisy surroundings.
2. Spatial Sound supports your brain’s natural abilities to sense where sounds are coming from – even in noisy situations.
3. Free Focus provides an automatic zoom function to help you easily focus on the most important sounds. It helps you shift your focus from one conversation to another.
4. YouMatic allows for personalization of your hearing instruments to your unique and personal hearing preferences and needs. (Source: Oticon BrainHearing Technology Overview)

Oticon Hearing Aid Styles & Features

Oticon’s three main families of hearing aids are Alta, Nera, and Ria. BrainHearing Technology is available on all three of these models, which also have the capability to connect to wearers’ personal electronic devices, smartphones, and home entertainment systems.

Hearing aid styles include in-the-ear, behind-the-ear, and custom-made completely-in-canal and invisible-in-canal styles. Certain models treat tinnitus. Oticon also offers high powered hearing aids Sumo and Dynamo for those who experience severe to profound hearing loss.

Additionally, Oticon offers ConnectLine, a home entertainment connectivity accessory, to improve the home media experience. Most Oticon hearing aids come offer the option of connectivity with a small remote control, which allows wearers who may have difficulty with small buttons or controls a more streamlined experience to adjust volumes and program settings.