Grand Haven Testimonials

"I didn’t realize all that I was missing at home and work. When I received my hearing aids, the world opened up!"

-D. Artibe

"I switched to Comprehensive Ear & Hearing because I wanted a clinic that would be willing to take plenty of time with me to make certain that my hearing aids were properly adjusted to meet my various hearing needs.  I have not been disappointed!"

-  Jeff W.

"Comprehensive Ear & Hearing has a remarkable “service-centric” staff!  I am very impressed with the solution you recommended it is spot-on.  I am very satisfied."

-Jim B.

"Over the years, Comprehensive Ear & Hearing has given me a new lease on life. With much-improved hearing, the old feelings of depression have left, and I'm so thankful to be included in everything again." 

-G. V. West Olive, MI