Business Benefits Program

Benefits Program Introduction

Comprehensive Ear & Hearing has been providing hearing testing and hearing instrument technology to local business and their employees for many years .

If you are not familiar with our Business Benefits Program, we would like to tell you about two ways we can
serve both your company and your employees.

Benefits for Your Employees

  • FREE hearing screens
  • FREE hearing instrument demonstrations and trial use
  • $500 OFF a pair of premium hearing instruments
  • FREE clean and checks on current hearing instruments
  • 10% – 15% OFF hearing instrument accessories or Assistive Listening Devices (ALD’s)
  • 20% OFF custom hearing protection (music, shooters, occupational, swim plugs)
  • 0% financing options available

Benefits for Your Company

  • Baseline industrial testing
  • Threshold shift testing
  • Industry specific hearing protective devices

We are Licensed and Certified.

On a small scale, for the past couple years we have been offering the employees of local businesses hearing health benefit cards, we are now formalizing our plan and expanding to offer these services to more businesses and more employees.

This is at no charge to your company. It is simply a way for you to expand the health care benefits you already offer your employees.

Some effective ways that other businesses have distributed these benefits cards to their employees include: Sending them in the mail with the employees paychecks, putting them in the employees onsite mailbox or making them available onsite where other employee benefit information is displayed.

Please let me know if you need more benefits cards, if you would like us to do a hearing preservation workshop for your employees or how we can work with you to serve your employees and our community.