Thriving at Work: Tips for Managing Hearing Loss in the Workplace

For many of us with hearing loss, the workplace can present unique challenges. From navigating noisy environments to following conversations in meetings, communication can feel like an obstacle course. But fear not! Here are some tips and strategies to help you thrive in your professional world: Be Open and Advocate for Yourself: • Don’t be shy about informing your employer … Read More

For the Love of Hearing!

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New Studies Show the Link Between Hearing Aid Use and Improved Cognitive Health. New Study Spotlights Hearing Aids in Fight Against Dementia. What do you want age 80 to look like? 70? Or 60? Too often, people assume that they cannot control what happens to their future selves and that certain things like dementia or hearing loss are simply part … Read More

Love Isn’t Deaf: Why February is the Perfect Time for a Hearing Test

Love Isn't Deaf!

Ah, February. The month of love, romance, and…hearing tests? Don’t scoff, because while roses and chocolates might be the traditional symbols, there’s a different kind of love that deserves attention this month: the love your partner has for your well-being. And sometimes, that love whispers in the form of a nudge towards a hearing test. Now, I know what you’re … Read More

Driving with Hearing Loss: A Guide to Staying Safe on the Road

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Hearing loss is a common challenge, especially for older adults. But should it mean giving up on driving? The answer isn’t always black and white. While it’s something to consider, skilled drivers can still navigate the roads with some adjustments, even if they need to turn the radio down. For frequent drivers, the question of safety becomes even more pressing. … Read More

The Joy of Better Hearing: Enhance Your Holidays with the Gift of Sound


As the festive season approaches, our thoughts turn to cherished traditions, twinkling lights, and the warmth of loved ones gathering together. For many, these moments are filled with the joyful symphony of the holidays – carols playing softly in the background, children’s laughter echoing through the house, and stories shared over crackling fires. However, for those with hearing loss, these … Read More

Don’t Let Your FSA or HSA Funds Go to Waste – Invest in Better Hearing

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Many Americans have unused funds in their Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) as the year draws to a close. If you’re one of them, consider using these funds to purchase hearing aids, which are typically eligible expenses under most plans. While hearing aids are an investment, they offer significant life-changing benefits, such as improved communication, enhanced … Read More

Navigating the Sounds of Life: Understanding Age-Related Hearing Loss

Navigating the Sounds of Life: Understanding Age-Related Hearing Loss

Life is composed of countless sounds, each offering a unique range of experiences. As we journey through life, we become more attuned to the world around us through our sense of hearing. However, for many older adults, the passage of time brings about changes, and age-related hearing loss, known as presbycusis, becomes a reality. Let’s take a closer look at … Read More

Embracing Winter with Hearing Aids: A Comprehensive Guide to Cold Weather Care

Embracing Winter with Hearing Aids: A Comprehensive Guide to Cold Weather Care

When winter arrives, it brings with it a fresh set of challenges, from frosty sidewalks to chilly temperatures. And for those who rely on hearing aids, the colder months present unique concerns. While hearing aids are robust and designed for everyday wear, it’s essential to understand how cold weather can affect them and how to keep them working well, even … Read More

6 Exciting Innovations in Today’s Hearing Aids

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Hearing aid technology has come a long way in recent years, with new innovations that offer a variety of benefits to users. Here are six of the most exciting innovations in today’s hearing aids: 1. Bluetooth technology Bluetooth hearing aids can connect to other devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and televisions. This allows users to stream audio directly to their … Read More

Exploring the Benefits of Custom Hearing Protection

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In a world filled with constant noise and potential auditory hazards, protecting our hearing is essential. Generic earplugs and earmuffs can provide some protection, but they can also be uncomfortable and ill-fitting. Custom hearing protection offers a superior solution, tailored to the unique contours of your ears for optimal comfort and noise reduction. Personalized Fit and Comfort One of the … Read More