Acknowledging the reality of hearing loss

Acknowledging the Reality of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss affects all ages, but a growing number of adults are struggling to hear yet choosing to not get treated. Comprehensive Ear and Hearing is here and ready to help you acknowledge your hearing loss and get treatment. Tests are painless, hearing aids are amazing tiny technological wonders – call us and we’ll get you on the way to treatment and better hearing.

Hearing loss statistics

One in six Americans are living with hearing loss according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. Hearing loss can affect anyone of any age, but a growing number of adults in their 40s and 50s are struggling to hear. Half of the adults over age 75 can expect to have hearing difficulties. Deciding to just “live with it” rather than make the right decision to get treatment has some very negative consequences.

Subtle impacts at first

Hearing loss related to age is usually gradual. You don’t hear the refrigerator running, you don’t hear the birds unless you are right by the window, you miss a whispered comment. Remember, it’s those small sounds that add to the quality of your life. You don’t want to miss a whispered “honey I love you.”You start turning up the radio louder, you turn up the television louder – you can’t carry on a conversation with someone in the backseat if you are in the front seat of the car. Before you realize it, hearing loss is having a big effect on your life.

Why risk the quality of your life?

Family and friends are important to the quality of your life. They make you what you are, and you leave your imprint on them, too. Why would you risk so much by not getting your hearing checked You don’t want people to think you are ignoring then because you can’t hear them? You don’t want to stop going out for social events because it’s just too difficult trying to follow a conversation because you have hearing issues.Studies here and in Europe in the United States and Europe have documented the negative affects untreated hearing loss has on relationships with family, friends and even co-workers. More than 48 million Americans have some hearing loss issues and only one in four is getting the treatment they need. That leaves 75% of the American population not living their lives to the fullest potential!

Cognitive function at risk

Studies show when your brain overcompensates to “understand” sounds, like conversations, television broadcasts, the radio and even telephone calls, it can hasten the development of neurodegenerative conditions such as dementia. Research shows people with even a mild hearing loss are twice as likely to have dementia.  Those with moderate hearing loss are three to fives times at risk for dementia. Scientists think when your brain puts so much effort into hearing, it drains resources needed for other things, like cognitive functions. This leads to dementia and memory loss.

Untreated hearing loss and relationships

Not being able to hear everything that you used to hear, not being able to carry on the same type of conversations with your partner can be very frustrating.  Those around you may be thinking you aren’t talking to them because they’ve done something wrong.  You may not be talking to them because you just can’t hear and understand what they are saying! It leads to frustrations and hurt feelings for both partners. And a terrible sense of isolation in one’s own home.A study done in England using 1,500 participants indicated that nearly half of those studied were having problems in their relationships if they had untreated hearing loss. A follow-up study showed more than 30% who indicated they were having difficulties had serious marital issues that ended in divorce.

Earning power diminished

A recent income study showed untreated hearing loss can torpedo your earning chances at work. If you don’t acknowledge information from a conversation because you didn’t understand it; if you start skipping or looking like you aren’t paying attention in meetings because you can’t hear, it will affect your chances at promotions and raises.

Get a hearing test with us at Comprehensive Hear and Hearing

Hearing evaluations at Comprehensive Ear and Hearing are painless and comprehensive. Let us develop a hearing treatment plan for you that will give you back those little “hearing things” you’ve been missing.